专书 / 专书章节

年度 书名
2017 Pei-Yu Kuo, Ning Yan, Nicole Tratnik, Jing Luo, Green Chemistry, Applications of Bark for Bio-Based Adhesives and Foams, De Gruyter
2012 Tsai, C.C., Z.S. Chen*, and C.T. Duh. 2012. Estimation of soil organic carbon stock in subtropical forest region based on digital soil map in Taiwan. pp. 357-361. In: Digital Soil Assessments and Beyond: Proceedings of the 5th Global Workshop on Digital Soil Mapping 2012, Sydney, Australia. B. Minasny, B. P. Malon, and A. B. McBratney (editors). CRC Press. (ISBN 9780415621557) (Published: July 24, 2012 by CRC Press - 482 Pages)
2012 Jien, S. H., C. C. Tsai, Z. Y. Hseu, H. Y. Guo, C. T. Duh, Z. S. Chen. 2012. Organic carbon stocks and management strategies of the soils in Taiwan based on the soil information system. pp.63-88. In: Soil Organic Matter: Ecology, Environmental Impact and Management. P. A. Björklund and F. V. Mello (editors). Nova Science Publishers, Inc. (ISBN 978-1-62100-272-7) (Invited Book chapter)
2011 冰河孑遗的夏绿林-台湾水青冈, 行政院农业委员会林务局, 987-986-03-1058-0, 271
2011 栖兰山蕨类生态解说手册, 行政院国军退除役官兵辅导委员会荣民森林保育事业管理处, 9789860301984, 132
2011 Tsai, C. C., and Z. S. Chen. 2011. Volcanic ash soils in Taiwan: Properties, genesis and ecology. pp. 283-306. In: Horizons in Earth Science Research. Volume 5. B. Veress and J. Szigethy (editors). Nova Science Publishers, Inc. (ISBN 978-1-61209-923-1) (Invited Book chapter)
2011 冰河孓遗的夏绿林-台湾水青冈, 行政院农业委员会林务局, 978-986-03-1058-0, 271
2011 Hseu, Z. Y., C.C. Tsai, H. Tsai, Z.S. Chen*, and H. Eswaran. 2011. Asian Anthroscapes: China and Taiwan. In: S. Kapur, H. Eswaran, B. Winfried (editors). Sustainable Land Management - Learning from the past for the future. Springer Berlin Heidelberg.
2010 育林实务手册
2010 台湾全志-卷二、土地志-生物与自然保育篇, 国史馆台湾文献馆, 9789860251272, 441